This is LightSpeed II - Marine WiFi Sharing System (scroll right to see the whole antenna) Welcome to NO COMPROMISE MARINE WIFI * #1 Marine Wifi * #1 Yacht WiFi
** Please also ask about 4G LTE (4G 4 Yachts) System for Yachts (and other marine vessels) **
4G LTE System BLOG POST is here:

LIGHTSPEED II Manual is here:

LightSpeed WiFi Hotspot Sharing System - Click Here for the 2012 Brochure/Manual * Requires PDF Viewer to view *

WiFi Yacht – Marine WiFi Hot Spot Internet Sharing Systems

By: Alan Spicer Marine Telecom and International Marine Electronics
Tel. 954-683-3426

2011/2012 - We've updated our Radio/Router unit! And we've updated the firmware software! We now support 802.11n as well as "b" and "g" WiFi Signals ...

Zero-dB-Loss "Master" Marine WiFi Hotspot Sharing System. High Quality Industrial/Marine Grade Construction, Antenna, and Router System
10dBi Gain Omni Directional Antenna - Powerful brass radiators - Soldered connections - High gloss urethane finish - Hand-assembled and tuned for max. gain (1.5:1 or less SWR across the 2.4 Ghz WiFi Band.) SWR is Standing Wave Ratio and is the measure of the antenna matching and resonance, or being properly tuned for the frequency band in use. Too high of an SWR means lost power on transmit and lost signal on receive. A good antenna and a good radio unit are important parts of any WiFi System ... our system has both. In coax cables 1/2 of the signal on Transmit and Receive is lost. About 3dB for 50 feet. "...So we eliminated the coax cable..." We eliminated the single point of lost range, the coax cable.

* Best Range * Best Performance in Marine WiFi Hotspot Sharing Systems!

- Note: We can also proved Private Dock High Performance WiFi Hotspot
- Systems and Marina Hotspot Systems (we already have 1 in the Bahamas)
(We did a House - Barn 5Ghz linking system with 2.4 Ghz Wireless Access Points
in the House and Barn + 7 Color IP Cameras. All linked back to a Satellite Internet connection.)
- In 2012 add an Island Link from Internet on shore up in MA. USA to an Island 1/2 mile away ...
to Island House, Island Boat House, Island Office, and Island Barn.

- For 2013 we will do many more yachts, and many more land and water based wireless links!



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WiFi Yacht – Marine WiFi Hot Spot Internet Sharing Systems

By: Alan Spicer Marine Telecom and International Marine Electronics

ORDER NOW! CALL - Tel.954-683-3426

LightSpeed WiFi Hotspot Sharing System - Click Here for the 2012 Brochure/Manual * Requires PDF Viewer to view * ****This is Lightspeed V2, See the brochure / Owners Manual for Specifications.

ORDER NOW! CALL - Tel. 954-683-3426

  • Install Yourself, or …
  • Ask about Installation.
  • Marine Electronics / Dealers – Installers (call for pricing)
  • Multiple Models available for all size vessels.
  • Multiple Internet Systems to your onboard network (Sat, Cell, WiFi) can be supported (with Installation Services) – Call for a Quote. (Hint: We don't just do WiFi)
  • Remote Consulting Services and Support Available.


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Marine WiFi Hot Spot Connection and Sharing Systems - High Power

The PRICE - and QUALITY Leader in MARINE WIFI - with the support you need!

This isn't a hidden text ... like on some web sites to get search engine placement. But there are Multiple Uses or Reasons for WiFi on Yachts - you almost don't have to say this.

It used to be just External (Hotspot) WiFi for an Internet Access Option, and Internal (On Board) WiFi for Laptops and Portable / Personal Devices ...

But more and more these days other things want to connect to the on board network and the Internet. Be that for Entertainment Systems that need
updated media files ... or Wireless (Crestron) remote control of everything. Navigation and Engineering Control and Monitoring Systems ... all now
vying for access to the on board network ... and sometimes the Internet. Support Personell want Remote Access to Troubleshoot and Update Systems.

New challenges are here and on the horizon ... and Alan Spicer Marine Telecom and International Marine Electronics are here to provide Solutions.

Yes we do Windows! Yes we do Apple Mac! Yes we do Apple iOS (iphone, iPad), yes we do Android ... we're versed in Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X
iOS for portable devices, and Android for those portable devices.

There are also multiple Internet Access Methods. We know that, and you know that. And the costs to implement them and to use them varies. You
have Satellite ... Cellular 3G and 4G ... WiFi ... and when you are in home dock, often, Landline Ultra-Fast DSL or Cable Modem based Internet. So
how do you save money on all of that? How do you integrate that into your yacht? I can't say Who You Gonna Call ... because Maroone bought that song.

+ 1 954 683 3426

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 from Alan Spicer Marine Telecom and International Marine Electronics!

Marine WiFi Hotspot Sharing System (complete Kit) also available Marine Cellular 3G Internet Sharing System.

These are “Best in Show” class International capable Internet Access Sharing Systems for Boats.

Click Here for Brochure ****This is V2 now with 800mW Transmit Power, Hightly Sensitive Receiver, for greater range. TX up to 4000mW with our 9dB Gain Marine Omni Antenna!****

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